Rabun Calhoun Chappell at 100

rccA brief bio of my mother, by Stan Chappell, her eldest son. My mom, Rabun Calhoun Chappell, turned 100 this past April. She was born April 7, 1917, in Hastings, FL. She is fond of saying that on the day of her birth, war against Germany was declared by President Wilson and another war commenced in the Calhoun household. She has always thought of herself as a bit of a scamp, being the younger daughter in a very proper family and younger sister of a very well-behaved young lady. During her childhood, the household included her strict and authoritative great-grandmother, who can only be called a classic Steel Magnolia. Growing up, she was a bit of a tomboy and later became a star high school athlete in basketball and tennis. She and her three older siblings all graduated from Florida Southern College during the Great Depression, despite the fact that their mother was widowed by the death of Rabun's father, Rev. Eugene C. Calhoun. After World War II she mentored young people in her Jacksonville, Florida, Methodist Church and married Logan Stanley Chappell Sr., an architect born in Macon, Georgia, and a former officer of Naval Intelligence. She and Logan built a house in Orange Park, Florida, where they raised three sons, Stan, Calhoun and John Chappell. She taught 7th and 8th grade English for many decades, becoming Chair of the English department at St. Johns Country Day School, a well-regarded college preparatory school in Orange Park. For most of her retirement years she played high-skill tennis every day that she could, and her famous and deadly serve was even depicted on the front page of a local community newspaper in an article about active seniors. Her beloved husband, Logan, died in 2001, and she moved into the Westminster Woods retirement community in Jacksonville several years later On April 7, 2017, her family of sons, grandchildren, daughters-in-law, grand daughters-in-law and great grandchildren gathered from all corners of the US -- Cape Cod, MA; Palm Springs, CA; Delray Beach, FL; and Sarasota, FL -- to celebrate her 100th birthday with a grand banquet that included excellent food, many toasts, jokes, and stories and more toasts. (See photo) She has survived unscathed all of the countless hurricanes that hit North Florida over her lifetime. Only in her elder years has she needed to evacuate, in 2016 for Matthew and 2017 for Irma. Her advice to one and all (reflecting her devilish sense of humor ever since childhood) is: "Now be good. But not too good. Don't be a "Goody Two-shoes."